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Event Horizon / January 1, 2007

Here's to the Men And Women Who Never Knew  They Were Poets

By Ellen Aug Lytle

Event Horizon:
The 13th Annual Spoken Word/Performance Extravaganza, took place for the fourth year at the Bowery Poetry Club and just about all the downtown poets showed up but since my time was limited I'd like to mention the people I really heard. We poets/artists are constantly stretching to the stars for things not apparent; sometimes we grasp stuff like a brass ring and lay it out for expression, other times it quickly disappears, but mostly we try and that's what's truly important. On a black and white and filmy silk stage designed by Su Polo, where the poets added color, Pete Dolack started off as emcee and Miriam Stanley did the “wicked'”flagging.  Richard Kostelanetz performed some visual word games to warm up the audience which was already hot when Orion delivered a really nicely done, humorous, piece about how he's just a midget compared with the 'greatness' of two local poets one of whom was John Farris. Hobo Bob's “life is but a breath from death” stirred me and Jeanne Dickey needing a new pair of shoes comfortable enough to walk from the subway to her office job to pay for those shoes tickled me silly. Madeline Artenberg's story about being molested while hitchhiking Texas impressed us a lot and Bob Heman's, ” The meals themselves were still alive…too afraid to crawl away”, was so cool. Iris Berman's rhyming takeoff on Rumplestiltskin cheered us on while Peter Vicinanza's bedtime story listening to Gene Shepherd on the radio (in the 50s) alone at night in his family's Brooklyn apartment was as entertaining as something from A Prairie Home Companion. But Avra Kaufman, a new face this year, got me good with her poem about how strangers who are poets “know” or can usually recognize each other; “Is everyone born unwrapped like us?” she mentioned. Tom O's, “you are/and the terrible future I knew I was going to have…a craziness waiting for rent…” was another well done poem and John Holt's, “throw away everything so that nothing owns you,” again cheered us.  I liked Peter Chelnik's poem, which was as openly grand yet ruggedly seeded as his western plains. Of course it wouldn't be a marathon reading without Hal Sirowitz's mother/father says;  and even his one line proves his unique comedic voice “having a long nose doesn't mean you're Jewish…look at Pinocchio!” Just as this poem from Susan Sherman proves her uniquely masterful with content and craft; “here's to the poems that never get published…here's to the men and women who never knew they were poets…here's to the blood that moves us forward… the face of the wind is silent…: It was definitely a lift seeing so many familiar faces including; Don Lev, Larry Jones   (his Café Nico was the home for the first five alternative New Year's Day “spoken word's” beginning in 1995). Eve Packer, Danny Shot, Eliot Katz, Bob Hart, Peter Kernz, Jushi (hu-manning the book table) Ilke Scobie, Jeff Wright, Lee Klein, Vicki Hudsmith, J. D .Rage, Reggie Cabico, Laura Boss, Clara Sala, and Bob Holman, who read a poem by Jackie Sheeler and ended with; “Dear Bob,  you are not allowed to use the word beautiful in a poem this year!”  But I will when I thank Bruce Weber and Joanne Pagano Weber for their beautiful work all these years… and, I wish I stayed longer and listened harder but there's always 2008… something to hang our caps on? …something of a future…    


Hassan Al Abdullah K Magdalena Alagna
Nelson Alxndr E.J. Antonio
Penny Arcade Madeline Artenberg Dorothy Friedman August Brett Axel
Ellis Avery
 Cheryl B. Jordan Bernstein Philip Beitchman Iris Berman Jordan Bernstein Big Mike Farid Bitar/ Unit 5
Steve Bloom
Laura Boss Michael Broder Meagan Brothers
Amy Marie Bucciferro
Tom Burnett Charles J. Butler Regie Cabico and the New York Futurists Maryellen Cammarosano Steve Cannon Rosette Capotorto Patricia Carragon Guillermo Castro 
Peter Chelnik Terry Chiesa Michael Coffey Andy Comess
Kathy Crisci
Vivian Demuth Jeanne Dickey
Pete Dolack Robert Dunn David Elsasser John Farris Jim Feast Corie Feiner Tommy Fernandez
Bonny Finberg Thomas Fucaloro 
Bingo Gazingo Gregg Glory
Allan David Goldschmidt
Rigoberto González
Laraine Goodman Michael Graves Viviana Grell Bob Hart Bob Heman Diana Gitesha Hernandez Carl Herr Roxanne Hoffman Amy Holman Bob Holman John Holt David Huberman Ice Evie Ivy Larry Jones Jushi Janet Kaplan
Eliot Katz Kendell Kardt Andrew Kaufman Peter Kerns Anyssa Kim Ron Kolm Katherine Korth Richard Kostelanetz Peter Kozlowski
David Lawton Master Lee Jean Lehrman Linda Lerner Rick Librizzi Donald Lev Rick Librizzi Tsaurah Litzky Richard Loranger Jason Tallon Fran Luck 
Tracey Luszcz
Brant Lyon Ellen Aug Lytle Mindy Matijasevic Susan Maurer Marnie McCasland
Jan McLaughlin
Taylor Mead Daniel Meltzer Nancy Mercado Middle Poet Robert Milby Lissa Moira Emilio Murillo D. Sharese Ngoma Carol Novack Tom O.  Valery Oistenu Jane Ormerod Sean Osman Amy Ouzoonian
Eve Packer Paco Nick Patti Mireya Perez Sherlly Pierre  Paul Pines Middle Poet Su Polo Ray Pospisil 
Kathy Price Just Putt J. D. Rage Jill S. Rapaport Martin Reckhaus Vittoria Repetto
Eugene Ring A.E. Roman Robert Roth Armand Ruhlman Katherine Rutgers Thad Rutkowski Sarah Sarai Iris N. Schwartz Ilke Scobie D. Sharese Bina Sharif Susan Sherman Larissa Shmailo
Phillip Sherrrod Danny Shot Hersch Silverman Frank Simone Hal Sirowitz Joanna Sit
Jessica Slote Robin Small-McCarthy David Mark Speer Miriam Stanley Rita Stein Kyrce Swenson Cheryl Boyce Taylor Marjorie Tesser Jessica Thiesen Ken Thompson Bobby Tiedeken Jack Tricarico Marilyn Perez-Uncal Unknown African Reagan Upshaw Angelo Verga Faith Vicinanza Peter Vicinanza Laura Vookles
George Wallace Barry Wallenstein Bruce Weber Joanne Pagano Weber Joe Weill Richard West Nathan Whiting Jack Wiler Manny Williams Liza Wolsky Chavisa Woods Jeff Wright Yictove Emma Zakarevicius Nick Zedd Zork


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