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"Ver Professio"
An eclectic group fine art exhibition
5/12/08 to 5/17/08
C.C.C.P. Exhibition Space
An independent, non associated seperate sublet space at:
A.I.R. Gallery 511 West 25th Street #301 New York, NY 10001 212 255 6651
This show will have the same basic criteria as previous group shows. Submissions (for new artists) will be by jpeg or web site. It will be a self hang. Spaces will be 4 ft. wide by 10 ft. high, $70. per space, for a total of 10 spaces. The show runs from installation on Sunday, 11th of May, till load out on Saturday evening(After 6 p.m., till 9 p.m.), the 17th of May. . Up to 3 spaces available per artist- No commissions will be charged.
A number of artists have volunteered to "sit" gallery from Monday to Thursday from Noon till 6 PM when I can't be there. You'll enter the CCCP Exhibition space via the separate A.I.R. gallery entrance,(See the staff at the reception desk) and will lock up and leave when they do, eliminating the need for a key. ( I will have a key for the load in and load out). You'll have to insure that the separate public entrance to the C.C.C.P. Space is locked from the inside, before exiting through the A.I.R. Gallery with their staff at A.I.R. Gallery closing.

Participating artists note: I curate via low rez jpegs or web sites, not slides, so you must submit your work for critique in that format. I will require a phone # (cell or hard wire) with conformation of your space assignment(s).
Failure to respond after more than 48 hours to the conformation request will be considered an indication that you have declined the space/s and therefore said space is then available to the next applicant.
Fee payment, registration and mounting of the art work will be from 12p.m. to 5 p.m. (Day of the show). Each space is $70., payable at registration-installation, exact change/cash only. 
The artist is responsible for the delivery, mounting, sale(The artist sets the price and keeps all profits from sales)and/or removal of their art work. Work left in the gallery after Saturday 9 PM. will be considered abandoned property to be disposed of as the curator and management see fit.) and is responsible for any "excessive damages" incured during their installation.
The artist is expected to provide all necessary material and tools/hardware to complete their installation. The staff and curator will be present to provide some assistance, time permitting . Please inform me of any special requirements you may have.
Technical Notes:
The lighting is track lighting. I shall focus it as a general "wall wash" to cover the maximum space. The walls are standard sheet rock/drywall, Management of the gallery and the curator are not liable for damage or loss of art work or personal possessions during installation, show or take down. At some point I will require conformation of participation. Obviously unforseen events may force you to cancel.I request you notify me soonest if that is the case as other artists can use the space, and I shall attempt to maintain a "Substitution" list.

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