The Art of Living Well

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170 lbs
B.F.A. Graphic Arts, SUNY New Paltz
I.A.T.S.E. Local#1 Stagehand
Minor Poet
My last relationship (of 11 years) ended in 2002. Prior to that , I'd been married twice (No kids). I can write honestly that I've learned from the past, and what works for me. While I'm not narrow, I am straight. I know that the woman for me will be "pretty", "Fit"(As in ambulatory, able to keep up, walk, dance, enjoy the beach with me)/in shape etc., and only mildly neurotic. My ideal would be a "Betty Page" girl, but I'm flexible. I expect her to be creative and financially independent. I've done a lot of personal therapy, and I expect that any woman who is right for me will be just as "self aware". That all important sense of humor has to be present. I am a "Top" in the bed room, but can easily be controlled by a loving "Bottom". While I enjoy a good deal of fantasy sex play, I'm not into blood sports, abuse(physical or mental) unsafe and unkind etc. I'm really looking for a partner and friend as well as a lover. If you need to be "rescued" or you have childhood abuse issues, you have my sympathy, and best wishes, but I'm not the one for you. I do expect to take the time to get to know you. There are some very easy low "risk" venues where we can meet, and get to know one another.(An afternoon of gallery hopping comes to mind.) I welcome your questions, as I'm long past games and head trips- I've lived in NYC since 1976, at various locations in Manhattan. I've recently relocated to a newly renovated junior one bedroom in Inwood in northern most Manhattan, and I must say I like my new "nabe" very much. I have a cat named "Trolley" Every summer I take a full share at a beach house on Fire Island- Most of my formative years were spent in the Finger Lakes region of western New York State. The family Christmas tree plantation,most ably managed by my step father, (mom is deceased) is located on a hill side over looking Montour Falls/Watkins Glen,Seneca Lake. In 4 more years I hope to take the early retirement option from my union, and I've begun the process of establishing my second career as an artist/curator/gallerist. My gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and related "event" venues, is enabling me to develop the experience and create the structure for the art of living well.